Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is me on November 11, 2012 in Boston

                                          Lobster Dish in China Town
Salty Squid I think
Amazing prawns

                                                                   Orange Chicken
Claudia all bundled up
View of Boston from Cambridge

Georgetown cupcakes... I bought 4..there were really good.. 

View from above
Boston's Chinatown 


  1. hi maghy! i hope you get your chanel bag soon :p the prices are really insane lately.. it's sort of crazy how fast the prices are growing.

    good guess i am in san antonio :) my husband is here for work.

    i hope you are doing well with your diet! i'm dieting too.. i've lost about 50 pounds in the last 8 months. i still have a lot of weight to go though but i'm still trying.. but it's so hard in texas the food is so good here haha. but i was actually an even higher weight than you when i started!! so you can do it. we can encourage each other :)

    1. Hi Lisa!
      I am so happy you replied to me!!!
      I cant believe you lost all that weight!!! wow! How did you do it? What motivated you day after day?
      You look really good, I could of never guessed that you were heavier...

  2. hi hon!! if you go through my blog you can see when i first started blogging i was heavier then.. but my weight tends to fluctuate i love food to much haha. but i'm still working on it it's a daily battle :p

    i try to exercise 30 min 3 times a week.. and i try to keep my calories between 1200 to 1400 a day.. i eat a lot of lean cuisines and salads :p and skinny cow ice cream! i love ice cream hahahaha.