Saturday, October 12, 2013

H&M Cool Finds for the Kids

I love H&M for so many reasons, but especially for its absolutely awesome  and totally unexpected finds...
Here is my haul from yesterday
Toddler sweater $5, hat $1.50, scarf thingie for little boys     (totally adorable,  it is like a turtleneck with no body and sleeves) $1.50
Witch hat my daughter is planning to use for Halloween $10 ( the only full price item in the haul), blue fuzzy hat $1.50 ( all clearance staff was additional 50% off),  Fuchsia IPhone 5 case $6 

Not too bad, there was also a pink t shirt for Claudia for $3.50 that she is currently wearing , so the total  was under $30

Lush Reviews: Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder and Coconut Deodorant Powder

I needed a body powder. I wanted a body powder. Don't ask why, I just always loved how it makes the skin feel/smell. I was thinking something...anything besides Johnson and Johnson baby powder... I could not  find any cool body powder anywhere..then I noticed that Lush makes body powder. I rushed to the store thinking to get just the Vanilla Dusting Powder, but the sales girl kept talking and said they also have deodorant powder. The difference between the two, is basically the dusting is more moisturising and the deodorant one is less moisturising, more acts like a deodorant... it sounded really good, I could not decide between the two, so I got both. 
The girl at the store said you can mix the two and that's what I  have been doing. 
I really like both of them,  they smell very differently and feel really good on the skin.

Costco finds :Kai Pure Komachi-2 6 Piece Knife Set Review

I love everything about Costco including all the seasonal products they bring in for a limited time. This set of knives was $25, Amazon has the same set Pure Komachi 2 on Amazon for $42.90.

I tried similar knives before and have been happy with them, so for me it was no brainer to get this set. Now I just will have to remember which knife is for what. 

From top to bottom:
  • Red one is a Chef's knife. Chopping, slicing, this one does it all ( this should be the one to use when in doubt)
  • Purple is Hollow Ground Santoku: Features hollow ground indentations on the food blade that help food release more easily ( not sure what this means, will figure it out as I go) 
  • Blue is Multi Utility: slicing shallots, garlic and herbs as well as for fruits and food with tougher exteriors ( I am thinking herbs and maybe some tough fruits...) 
  • Orange is Bread Knife ( most of the bread I buy is pre sliced, but would be good for some rare occasions when I got a crusty loaf or something)
  • Lime is a Pairing Knife: any job that requires precision like peeling fruit, mincing a glove of garlic, hulling strawberries  ( I like that one)
  • Yellow is a Citrus Knife: lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit (this one is easy, I can see myself using it a lot)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mini Shopping Haul: Target and Gap

With the temperatures dropping I was reorganizing  all the clothes for the kids and realized that Claudia doesn't really have too many long sleeve tops. Several months ago we went through all her clothes and purged tons of staff that is supposedly too babyish for her, most of it were clothes I bought for her from Gap and H&M seasons in advance. 

For the last year or so I realized I can't really shop for her anymore without her approval , she is going through a weird stage now, when she is not a teenager , but not really a small kid anymore, I think it is called "TWEENS". 

Well, apparently " Justice " and "Target" are well aware of that stage because she likes most of the clothes they sell.

Anyway, Target had a great sale and I picked up 3 tops below for her, I think after the discounts each top was around $5. Definitely beats shopping at "Justice" when the simplest top is around $20 after their famous 40% off which is totally worthless. 

this is more of a tunic top that would go real well with black tights

this is just too cute, I love it

Isn't this another awesome top??!!

Then we headed to Gap, which just has started the weekend with their Columbus Sale.
I got this Sherpa hoodie for Andrew, it was 30% off in store. I  love that it is lined with sherpa in the sleeves as well, I can see him wearing this jacket pretty much all winter here in Dallas. 

Finally I got this leopard hoodie for myself at Gap as well. All sweaters were 50% off, so it was really an awesome deal.  I love hoodies in general, but this is the coolest hoodie I have ever gotten, I love everything about it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunday at the White Rock Lake

This weekend was really the first day when we felt that it cooled down in Dallas. After lunch at Kellers Drive in ( the best burgers in Dallas) we decided to drive to White Rock Lake for a relaxing afternoon.
Here are some pictures from our day. 
Having fun...

Crossing the bridge

Monday, September 23, 2013

NYC Loving

These are some of the pictures from our second trip to New York last summer.  Enjoy! daughter Claudia loves cheese

Bought Andrew a kid's book about New York

Very hot day, taking a break at Starbucks
The beautiful Empire State Building 
Breakafast Time

Times Square
Union Square Market 

Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is me on November 11, 2012 in Boston

                                          Lobster Dish in China Town
Salty Squid I think
Amazing prawns

                                                                   Orange Chicken
Claudia all bundled up
View of Boston from Cambridge

Georgetown cupcakes... I bought 4..there were really good.. 

View from above
Boston's Chinatown