Saturday, October 12, 2013

Costco finds :Kai Pure Komachi-2 6 Piece Knife Set Review

I love everything about Costco including all the seasonal products they bring in for a limited time. This set of knives was $25, Amazon has the same set Pure Komachi 2 on Amazon for $42.90.

I tried similar knives before and have been happy with them, so for me it was no brainer to get this set. Now I just will have to remember which knife is for what. 

From top to bottom:
  • Red one is a Chef's knife. Chopping, slicing, this one does it all ( this should be the one to use when in doubt)
  • Purple is Hollow Ground Santoku: Features hollow ground indentations on the food blade that help food release more easily ( not sure what this means, will figure it out as I go) 
  • Blue is Multi Utility: slicing shallots, garlic and herbs as well as for fruits and food with tougher exteriors ( I am thinking herbs and maybe some tough fruits...) 
  • Orange is Bread Knife ( most of the bread I buy is pre sliced, but would be good for some rare occasions when I got a crusty loaf or something)
  • Lime is a Pairing Knife: any job that requires precision like peeling fruit, mincing a glove of garlic, hulling strawberries  ( I like that one)
  • Yellow is a Citrus Knife: lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit (this one is easy, I can see myself using it a lot)

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    you're so lucky!! i wish i were in the states right now because i've been really wanting a rainbow set of these type of carbon knives! eek the colors are so pretty!!