Saturday, October 12, 2013

H&M Cool Finds for the Kids

I love H&M for so many reasons, but especially for its absolutely awesome  and totally unexpected finds...
Here is my haul from yesterday
Toddler sweater $5, hat $1.50, scarf thingie for little boys     (totally adorable,  it is like a turtleneck with no body and sleeves) $1.50
Witch hat my daughter is planning to use for Halloween $10 ( the only full price item in the haul), blue fuzzy hat $1.50 ( all clearance staff was additional 50% off),  Fuchsia IPhone 5 case $6 

Not too bad, there was also a pink t shirt for Claudia for $3.50 that she is currently wearing , so the total  was under $30


  1. epps!! so cute!! you found some amazing things at H&M your kids are going to be super stylin' hehe :)

  2. maghy i had to come back and post on your page. i know i posted here before but i wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT!! omgosh you nearly had me in tears. you're soo so sweet thank you for making me feel like blogging is worth it. developing and "meeting" amazing people and friends really is what blogging is all about. sometimes i want to stop blogging because it is a lot of work but comments like yours is what really keeps me going! thank you so much hon!! love you so much :)!!

  3. Darling! You are so welcome! I just realized how much I really enjoy and love your blog, and always look forward to your next posts, so i got scared for a second , what if you decide to stop blogging??!!!!! So I had to make sure to let you know that you touch lots of people's heart by your blog, I want to make sure you know it!!!
    I kept up with my blog for like 3 days as you can it is a lot of work, I agree, that's why I even appreciate more what you do, cause I
    I am very picky for the blogs I follow, I don't really have time to follow too many, so yes, please keep doing what you are doing, you are a natural at it!!!
    Looking forward for your posts from Paris!!

  4. Oh very cute items!
    Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me abck!
    Comment to me back, to keep in touch~

  5. We just made some purchases at H&M as well! They really have some great items for kids--- I get so many of my toddlers shoes there!

  6. Yes, H&M is really great for kids, love having it so close to home!