Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lush Reviews: Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder and Coconut Deodorant Powder

I needed a body powder. I wanted a body powder. Don't ask why, I just always loved how it makes the skin feel/smell. I was thinking something...anything besides Johnson and Johnson baby powder... I could not  find any cool body powder anywhere..then I noticed that Lush makes body powder. I rushed to the store thinking to get just the Vanilla Dusting Powder, but the sales girl kept talking and said they also have deodorant powder. The difference between the two, is basically the dusting is more moisturising and the deodorant one is less moisturising, more acts like a deodorant... it sounded really good, I could not decide between the two, so I got both. 
The girl at the store said you can mix the two and that's what I  have been doing. 
I really like both of them,  they smell very differently and feel really good on the skin.

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